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Animal Whisper Healing
Lynette offers a mix of healing methods to work with you and your dog.  She is a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Shamanic Healer and animal communicator and brings together all of her skills when working with your dog.

Animal Whisper Healing works with Reiki as an interactive tool to help us find the root of the problem and then heal it from the inside out.  Adding Theta and Shamanic and Energy healing makes the results more powerful and Lynette's skills at communication her to get through the to animal and empower them with their own healing.
Reiki is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle and noninvasive. It doesn't cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results. Animals respond intuitively to Reiki's power to heal emotional, behavioural, and physical illnesses and injuries.

Theta Healing allows for 'downloads' to the subconscious and freeing of negative thoughts and feelings to clear a path for positive, healing emotions to run through the body.

Shamanism and Energy Healing looks even deeper and allows for the removal of negative energy and thoughts and you will learn how to remove negative energy from yourself and your pet.

Communication is a wonderful thing to experience, hearing from another just how much your pet knows and feels about you is very enlightening and again, will help in the healing process.

Animal Whisper Healing is in no way meant to replace contemporary treatments for illness but to work hand in hand.


Reiki Session                   £48   Approximately 2 hours at your home

A Review from one of our clients that Lynette has helped:-

Our Dalmatian Deefa was drastically losing weight and after numerous tests, scans and a biopsy at the vets, she was diagnosed with an inflamed small intestine.
Alternative treatment brought Lynette into our lives.
By this time Deefa was very poorly.
Lynette worked with us all as a family doing healing and Reiki with mainly myself and Deefa but also with my partner and my children.
Straight away we noticed a difference she started to put weight back on and acting like her old self again.
I also felt like a new person as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
I cannot recommend this experience enough .... it has truly changed our lives for the better.
Thank for improving our lives and giving us our back.
Many Thanks
Mel x
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