Completely K9 - Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation
Canine Hydrotherapy - Swimming for dogs!
Swimming is not only a great form of exercise for a fit dog but it can be essential the road to recovery for a dog suffering from a medical condition such as cruciate injury or surgery, Hip or Elbow dysplasia, arthritis, osteoarthritis to name just a few. 
On arrival at will be fitted with  assist your dog into our massive 8m x 4m pool. Our Registered Canine Hydrotherapist who will ensure they get the most benefit from the session, they will be encouraged to swim around the pool using toys, praise and encouragement, they will receive massage and movement whilst on the resting platforms and will be monitored closely at all times. 
As ours is the biggest canine hydrotherapy pool in the South East we are able to allow you to enter the pool with your dog should you wish to do so and provide changing facilities for
We are registered members of(National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists) which means we have undergone extensive training and are continually monitored to ensure that your dog receives the very best in canine hydrotherapy & rehabilitation.


What to Expect at your Session

Please note ALL dogs entering the pool need a signed consent form from their Vet.

Before your dog enters the pool we will take a detailed history of any treatment they have had, assess their gait, general health, resting heart rate etc.
For some conditions it may be best to have a physiotherapist assess your dog before entering the pool so that a detailed recovery programme can be decided.
Initial Assessment                                       £35 Assisted  Hydrotherapy                             £28
Assisted Hydrotherapy requiring  2 Therapists                                                                                   £40
Fitness Swim                              1st Swim  £28
                                                    then        £23

Puppy Swims for dogs under 6 months of age
                                                  1st Swim FREE
                                                   then         £17
Assisted Swims x 10                   £252
Fitness Swims  x 10                    £207

Puppy Sessions (Up to 12 months of age)  £153
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