Completely K9 - Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation
Veterinary Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is just as beneficial for your dog as it is for you
Canine physiotherapy involves preventing problems occurring, promoting good health and mobility, improving performance in competitive working dogs and assisting in fast effective recovery from injury or surgery.  
Veterinary Physiotherapists work closely with referring veterinary surgeons.  
Your dog will have an initial consultation where a personalised treatment plan will be designed using manual therapies, electrotherapy and exercise and movement techniques so you can be sure the best treatment and methods are available for your pet. 

Initial Consultation         £40
Follow up Session          £35
Veterinary Physiotherapy can help: 
Quicker return to fitness following injury or surgery
Treatment of muscle imbalance & joint problems
Balance, proprioception & core stability
Pain & Swelling
Muscle Spasm
Muscle Strength
Range of Movement
Post Operative Recovery
Our Fit Fur Life treadmill used by our canine physiotherapist for rehabilitation from injury or post surgery
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