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Puppy Swims
We are still here!
Our new You Tube Channel
Welcoming a New Team Member
What is Canine Arthritis?


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Puppy Swims

We offer a FREE first session as we think ensuring a puppy is comfortable in the pool has so many benefits, not just tiring the little angels a bit more than the exercise limitations on land allow.

Firstly, it is non-weightbearing so there is no stress or strain  on joints and soft bones.  When exercising on land there is a 5 minutes per month of life rule and sometimes this just isn't enough and for the large breeds even this can be a little too much for their big bodies.

Secondly, it is an amazing new social experience in a safe and comfortable environment.

We are still here!

We have been neglecting the website and that will be changing.

It is so easy now to just rely on social media to get our news out there.

Watch this space.

Our new You Tube Channel

Hi all,
We have just set up a You Tube channel and added our first video! 
We are really excited and will be making more shortly, not only about our clients and what they have achieved but also about the conditions and benefits of hydrotherapy.
Take a look at our first video - Remi the Wonder Dog

Welcoming a New Team Member

Hi All,
I wanted to welcome a new member to our ever expanding Team at Completely K9.
Andrea is a qualified member of the Canine Massage Guild and has undergone extensive training to achieve this.  Canine Therapeutic Massage has many benefits for your dog, not just those recovering from injury but dogs that compete at Agility, Heelwork to Music, Flyball or Working Trials can all suffer minor injuries that left untreated can have an impact on their performance and well-being.

What is Canine Arthritis?

It is a degenerative joint disease that affects dogs from as young as 6 months of age but is predominantly seen in the older dog.  Diagnosis is made by your vet, usually through manipulation of the joint which is painful and stiff due to the erosion and inflammation of the joint capsule.
As the condition causes discomfort and pain it can make exercise difficult for your dog but it is essential that they maintain mobility and a healthy weight and this is where hydrotherapy really benefits as it is a non-weight bearing exercise your dog can move freely plus the warmth and hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to reduce pain and swelling.

Make 2013 a good one for your dog

As 2013 begins I want you all to take a long, hard look at your dogs.  Are they carrying a little extra weight?  Do they have saggy bits where they should have muscles?
Over-weight dogs is one of my biggest bug-bears, it literally has be gnashing my teeth to control my diatribe.  As someone who has battled with their own weight all their adult life, I know how much carrying a few extra pounds affects my ability to move freely and enjoy day to day activities so to see an over-weight dog struggling to walk or get up from a sit or chase a ball really gets to me.

Caring for the older dog this winter

After a rotten summer winter has arrived with a blast.   Your aging dog will benefit from a few extra measures to help them maintain their joint flexibility and comfort.
If you are going out for a walk then a dog coat is beneficial to help them maintain good body temperature and keep those joints a bit warmer.
Make sure their beds are away from drafts and if possible raised slightly off of the floor.
You should be feeding an age appropriate food and you may need to increase the amount a bit over the winter months as your dog will burn more energy keeping warm.
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